Protocol and Processes

The Judging Process

  1. Nomination forms from individual Employees & Businesses are returned to the management committee by the close of business on the appointed date.

  2. When the closing date has passed – all completed nomination forms will be forwarded to the panel of independent judges to insert their scores.

    2b. The number of committee members who are on the management committee from year to year (an average of 6-8 people), are the business and community leaders who will make up the panel for the first stage judging process for all the nominations.

    2c. This judging process is done autonomously with no communication being entered into about the nominees or about what scores were given by each individual on the judging panel.

  3. The scores are collated from each judge by the committee secretary. The secretary then informs the entire committee who made the shortlist in each category. (Note: the secretary is the only person who receives all the score sheets back from each individual judge).3b. The panel of judges will individually access each nomination autonomously and if they deem it necessary they may request further information be supplied either in writing or in the form of an interview.

  4. All nominees will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony. Emailed invitations will be sent out to the businesses that have nominated in the Business category, and also those who have nominated an employee. We will need prompt replies providing guest numbers for the upcoming ceremony. Each nominee is welcome to bring family and co- workers to this celebration of excellence in the City of Glenorchy.

  5.  All nominees will be recognised in the ceremony and in future publicity.

  6. Please note: Each nominee needs to contact the awards secretary if they do not wish their photos or names to be used in any future publicity. This needs to be done at least 3 full working weeks prior to the ceremony.